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Dear Parent/Guardian,

Adam and Eve lived in a beautiful, unbroken world created by God. God, as ruler over all, gave Adam and Eve one rule--do not eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Then Satan approached Eve in the form of a serpent and questioned what God had said. After eating the fruit, Adam and Eve realized they had sinned by disobeying God. Death entered the world, and now our world and our relationship with God are broken. Thankfully, we have the whole of Scripture pointing us to the gospel, and we know that we can be forgiven of our sin and reconciled to God. Share with your family your story of becoming a Christian. When did you realize you needed a Savior to rescue you from your sin?

Bible Passage: Genesis 3

Memory Verse: Revelation 4:11

Bible Verse: Romans 5:12

Younger Kids Text Truth: Sin has broken our relationship with God. Older Kids Text Truth: The consequence of sin is that our world and our relationship with God are broken.


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