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Dear Parent/Guardian,

The first family in the world introduced us to the disfunction and brokenness of relationships that every family has struggled with since the fall. Adam and Eve had two sons--Cain and Abel. Both young men brought an offering to the Lord, but only Abel’s was accepted. Cain became furious. God warned Cain to resist sin and said that if Cain did what was right, he would be accepted. Instead, Cain chose to lure his brother into a field and kill him. Instead of resisting sin, Cain embraced it and broke his relationship with his brother and his parents. Cain’s sin resulted in a lifetime of wandering the earth. Thankfully, our actions cannot destroy God’s redeeming plans. Adam and Eve had a third son, Seth, who was an ancestor of Jesus--the only One who can restore the relationships we destroy with our sin. Invite family members to think about a time their sin hurt a relationship with another person. Pray together, thanking God for forgiveness and His help to resist sin. Check out this week’s Family Card to find discussion questions for your family.

Bible Passage: Genesis 4

Memory Verse: Revelation 4:11

Bible Verse: Genesis 4:7

Younger Kids Text Truth: We should resist sin.



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